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What effect does the high temperature of hydraulic oil have on the automatic brick press

The high temperature causes the chemical decomposition of the lubricating film formed on the metal surface of the friction part, and the lubricating film is destroyed.The high temperature makes the viscosity of the hydraulic oil smaller, the viscosity is



Performance characteristics of autoclaved lime-sand brick equipment

During the pressing process, it can be floated actively or passively. The adobe has good manufacturability, improves the compactness of the adobe, reduces the damage and cracking of the adobe when demoulding, and can continuously and stably press standard



How to deal with emergencies encountered in the production of hydraulic brick machine equipment

The oil temperature of the hydraulic brick machine equipment is too high, which is mainly due to the excessive wear of the oil pump or other components, which needs to be repaired and replaced immediately.The oil viscosity is too high, treatment method: u



How to recycle metal in the briquette machine for smelting ore such as copper and lead

The purpose of the smelting ore briquetting machine is to extract a variety of metals. Its process is to weigh the dried copper-containing environmental protection mud and other admixtures (mainly quicklime), transport them into the mixer, and add water S



Several technical requirements that need to be guaranteed when steam-cured lime-sand brick equipment is in brick making

Usually, when using steam-cured lime-sand brick equipment to make bricks, we must strictly follow the production process to make bricks. In the production process, there are five key technologies that need attention, including the quality of raw materials



Fault maintenance method of automatic hydraulic brick making machine palletizer

Palletizer is one of the necessary equipment for automatic hydraulic brick machine in the production of bricks. Usually, the price of palletizer is directly calculated in the price of the main machine, because the output of automatic hydraulic brick machi
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