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Block Making Machine

Block Making Machine

Model: QT series

Molding cycle: 15-20S

Capacity: 720-2160Pcs/Hr

Power: 20-48kw

Haomei is a manufacturer and factory of block making machine with decades of experience. If you are interested in the price of block making machine, you are welcome to inquire about block making machine related questions. Looking forward to your consultation.

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Process Of Block Making Machine Production Line

1. Automatic batching and mixing system of block machine production line

Load the amount of material and sand or slag into high quality block making machine made in China of the batching system. The system USES electronic weighing sensors with excellent performance to provide accurate material measurement accuracy. After weighing in a certain proportion, add each of the above raw materials into the mixer and mix the measured cement and water into the mixer. The stirred and matured material is fed into the forming system by a belt conveyor.

2. Block forming system of block machine production line

The molding machine can preset the optimal parameters of product proportion through the Chinese interface, directly select the appropriate vibration system parameters through the touch screen, and adjust the vibration system frequency and excitation force through the electronic control servo system to make the best material. Vibration liquefaction effect.

Vertical directional composite vibration model of vertical rotational speed amplitude modulation foundation platform. Reasonably arranged special vibrator can be used to obtain high strength fly ash wall block or block with uniform strength, precise surface size and compact structure. Air cushion cushion device is installed in the vibration system to effectively reduce the noise. Improve the working environment and prolong the service life of mainframe.

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3. Crane plate kiln truck transfer system, suitable for block machine production line

The resulting block is transported to the maintenance kiln for maintenance by a chain conveyor through a lift through a program controller and a kiln truck. At the same time, the solidified semi-finished products are transported out of the solidified kiln for palleting by the descending machine and chain conveyor.

Use Of Block Making Machine

What problems should be paid attention to in the production of block machine, in order to ensure the smooth production of high quality block making machine in stock, make the equipment play the maximum efficiency, reduce the probability of failure.

1. Check the tightness of bolts in various parts of high quality block making machine made in China every day, especially the parts of the vibrator and the vibration motor skin plate. If there is any wear, slip and other phenomena, it should be timely replaced.

2. China block making machine for sale is the most important in the production of mold, mold influences the quality of the finished block, in the moment when you need to ensure production mold is clean, not sticky, should check at any time, if the mould in the wear degree is more serious is for the mould replacement, when be replaced after have to use a rope hang on, to prevent sudden decline;

3. The block machine equipment is used by the hydraulic system, must be clean, do not mix with impurities, to check the oil level, in use to ensure that add fuel clean, to prevent the iron scrap into the bottom of the tank;

4. When the equipment is stopped from production, it shall be cleaned inside and outside the equipment to ensure its cleanliness.

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Purchase guide for Block Making Machine

When buying a block machine, be sure to check whether the quality is up to scratch. If the quality problem is found after purchase, it will not only affect the production, but also cause some unnecessary trouble.

The appearance quality of block making machine shall meet the following requirements:

1. Paint should be even, smooth and shiny. The surface should be dry and not sticky. And must not have wrinkled skin, peeling, paint leakage, flow marks, bubbles and other phenomena.

2. The cover shell of high quality block making machine in stock should not have hammer mark more than 15mm or surface protrusion, the edge should be smooth and smooth, the installation position should be correct, firm and reliable.

3. The exposed parts shall be treated with anti-rust treatment, and the surface of the casting shall be smooth and smooth, and there shall be no flaring burrs such as sand holes, air holes, and voicing bumps.

4. The weld shall be beautiful, no leakage welding, cracks, arc pits, slag, burn through, meat bite and other phenomena and defects, the width of the same weld shall be the same.

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Quality Inspection Items Of Block Making Machine

1. The transmission system should operate flexibly without abnormal sound.

2. Each part shall not leak oil, the total oil leakage point of the block machine transmission part shall not exceed one place, and the total oil leakage point of the hydraulic transmission part shall not exceed two places.

3. In the chain drive system, the chain and sprocket shall not bite and cut. The chain tensioning device shall be adjusted conveniently, connect securely and have good lubrication.

4. The belt drive system is adopted, the belt wheel should be aligned, the force should be uniform, and it can be easily adjusted.

5. The guide column of customized block making machine for sale is well lubricated, with proper coordination, no jam and no shaking in peration.

6. The reducer runs continuously for one hour under rated working condition. The temperature rise of lubricating oil of the gear reducer shall not exceed 40 ℃, the temperature rise of lubricating oil of the turbine reducer shall not exceed 60 ℃, and the maximum oil temperature shall not exceed 85 ℃.

7. Hydraulic system components should be arranged in an orderly manner, and the pipeline should be clear, regardless of neat, solid connection, easy to assemble and inspect, the highest oil temperature of hydraulic oil should not exceed 60 degrees Celsius.

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Waterproof Measure For Block Making Machine

In the rainy day, the block making machine factory is unable to start work normally, because the block produced by rain is still in the stage of solidification, the general rainy day is shutdown, especially in the south, the rainy season is particularly long, must take preventive measures when the shutdown.

1. During the shutdown, all the clicks on China block making machine for sale should be removed and placed in a rainproof and dry place.

2. All the reducer must be covered with waterproof cloth, put rain into the reducer, causing rust.

3.China block making machine for sale hydraulic pump station should be covered with waterproof cloth, one side of the rain into the oil system.

4.The mold of customized block making machine for sale to be removed for proper preservation, brush on anti-rust paint.

5.Will be painted with a layer of oil to prevent rust, and then cover with waterproof cloth.

Only adequate waterproof measures, after the end of the rainy season, safe production.

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