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Analysis on Fly Ash as Raw Material of Lime-sand Brick Machine

Lime-sand brick machine can use a large amount of fly ash, and can use wet ash. At least 800kg of fly ash can be used to produce 1m of bricks, and a brick factory with an annual output of 50 million pieces can use 60,000 tons of fly ash. This is undoubted



The function of hydraulic environmental protection brick machine is more and more diversified

The hydraulic environmental protection brick machine is more popular because of its multi-functional state in the later stage. It is omnipotent for the hydraulic environmental protection brick machine to press all kinds of cement products. These cement pr



Lime sand brick machine equipment troubleshooting

In the process of using lime-sand brick machine equipment, there will inevitably be some large or small faults. Small faults will affect production and extend working hours, and major faults will delay the production schedule. Therefore, maintenance and r



Cost-saving method of hydraulic unburned brick machine

Before putting into the production of the hydraulic unburned brick machine, in addition to choosing high-quality equipment, you should also pay attention to some facilities. It is more important to reduce production costs in production. How to save costs



Recovery and Utilization of Waste Heat from Autoclave of Autoclaved Lime Sand Brick Making Machine

The production energy consumption of my country's building materials industry accounts for about 90% of the country's total energy consumption, accounting for 13% of industrial energy consumption, sulfur dioxide emissions account for 14%, and dust and smo



What should a cost-effective hydraulic brick machine have?

Usually when we buy things, we all want to buy things with high quality, low price and high cost performance, but what is high cost performance, different things have different standards, if we have a one-sided understanding, we will suffer losses. As a p
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