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Block Making Machine

Hollow Block Machine

Model: QT series

Molding cycle: 15-20S

Capacity: 720-2160Pcs/Hr

Power: 20-48kw

Hollow Block Machine Features

1. International standards, new style of large, popular market, is the thermal power plant, iron and steel smelter, stone

Chemical plant, mining plant, municipal construction and other large scale waste enterprises to produce high-quality products good choice.

2. Fully automatic production line design exquisite, atmospheric, performance design has many characteristics of international advanced models, high production efficiency, low maintenance rate.

3. The integration system of concrete hollow block machine for sale, electricity and liquid adopts high-quality international brand components, which makes the automatic operation of the production line stable, smooth and long service life.

4. The production line configuration scheme is flexible and changeable, can be configured according to the actual situation of the customer different automatic production line scheme, can meet the personalized needs of different users customized.

Hollow Brick Machine Use

Hollow block making machine can be widely used: sand, gravel, construction waste, fly ash and other raw materials, abundant raw materials, can be seen everywhere, invest in factories, is extremely convenient. Small hollow brick machine, brick making machine in addition to the frame itself, the whole suspension and connection parts should be used in spring, when the vibration molding carton not only realize the pressure head, die, die core and plate vibration under four guan qi, guarantee the products of high density and uniformity, and smooth operation, low noise, good vibration damping effect is realized.

block making machine for sale in ghana

Maintenance Knowledge Of Hollow Brick Machine

1. Customized hollow block machine for sale is difficult for the oil pump motor to stop or close, resulting in motor burnout, because the total pressure regulating valve device, the voltage is too large.

2. The vibration of the vibrator is strong enough, with a long brick by brick or loose period. Due to the pressure of the mold, the downward adjustment pressure is too large.

3. When bricks are made, the brick surface is loose, the cement hollow bricks machine wiht cheap price is broken, or when bricks are taken off, the upper mold itself is lifted up with the lower mold, because the pressure of the upper head is too low. (the head pressure is too low, cannot be brick positioning result in surface loose, should be pressed oils cylinder tubing on the corresponding pressure is big, pressure regulating valve alone in the filed of lower die gently lift the upper die wrench at the same time, makes the oils cylinder pressure to keep certain pressure, to keep brick does not rise with the mould of lower die, thereby reducing the breakage of the brick)

4. If oil leakage is found in the oil cylinder, the reason is that the seal in the cylinder block loses the sealing effect.

Extend Life Of Hollow Block Machine

Step 1: In the production, as the operator to strictly in accordance with the operating requirements of the hollow block machine to operate, can not appear irregularities, the production technology of the machine to master.

Step 2: In the long-term use, hollow block machine hydraulic pump station will produce must deposit, the composition of these deposits related to hydraulic block machine hydraulic oil directly, because the hydraulic oil are rich in pectin, impurities, or into the dust and impurities in the process of storage and transportation, etc., for a long period of time will accumulate in the hollow block machine hydraulic pump station oil tank, oil inlet parts such as similar sludge accumulation, so to clean up after the production, to ensure that the machine clean and convenient to use next time.

Step 3: In the daily production of customized hollow block machine for sale on a regular review, found that wear parts to replace in time.

Step 4: Hollow block machine, hydraulic oil quality and cleanliness are affect the forming of the hydraulic system reliability of the finished product, it is an important performance of resolution equipment efficiency, full, it is necessary to use the anti-wear hydraulic oil, so the equipment of the system will add the wear resistance and corrosion resistant ability, improve its service life.

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Maintenance Of Hollow Block Machine

In the use of customized hollow block machine, there will always be some or some small or large failures, small will affect the production to extend the working time, large will delay the production. So in peacetime to the hollow block making machine to carry out regular maintenance and repair, troubleshoot small troubles to facilitate the smooth production.

1. Install or replace new and old molds, avoid collision and knock, assemble in a civilized manner, and pay attention to protect the molds;

2. Frequently check the mold size and welding joint position during use, weld cracks should be repaired in time, the aggregate particle size should be adjusted in case of excessive wear, and a new mold should be added if the wear excessively affects the product quality;

3. Carefully adjust the clearance, including the spacing between the press head and the mold core, the press head and the skip car motion plane, the mold frame and the wire board, etc., the relative motion shall not interfere with, and shall not be brushed against.

4. During daily cleaning of the mold, use air compressor and soft tools to remove the concrete residue. It is strictly prohibited to pound or pry the mold by gravity.

5. The replaced mold shall be cleaned and coated with oil to prevent rust. The dry and flat place shall be placed on a flat surface to prevent gravity deformation. Installation and debugging of concrete hollow block machine for sale: the ex-factory machine has been tested in the factory according to the relevant regulations, but it has been placed for a long time due to long-distance transportation.

Block Sample

hollow block sample

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