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Block Making Machine



Steel chip briquetting machine

The steel slag cake machine is mainly used for various steel pins, metal chips, steel slag, scrap steel, particle steel and other metal raw materials, which are directly pressed into cylindrical cakes with a diameter of 80-300mm by high pressure, which ca



Iron filings briquetting machine

Iron filings briquetting machine can press various iron filings (pig iron filings, ductile iron filings, cast steel filings, etc.) into high-density cylindrical cakes (weight 2-8 kg) without adding any binder. The block density can reach more than 5T/M3 (



Iron fine powder briquetting machine

Iron powder briquetting machine: Iron fine powder is a relatively fine metal powder. In industrial use, it is necessary to press the iron fine powder into agglomerates, blocks, etc., which are convenient for transportation and furnace smelting. The iron f



Lick Salt Brick Briquetting Machine

The salt licking briquetting machine is to process the mineral elements, vitamins and other trace elements and nutrients required by large livestock such as cattle and sheep into blocks, cakes and other special shapes through a scientific formula. You nee



Mineral Powder Briquetting Machine

Metallurgical ore powder briquetting machine applicable materials are: calcium stone powder, coke powder, mineral powder, carbon powder, graphite powder, iron fine powder, molybdenum powder, stone powder, metal filings and other smelting mineral powder. T



Coking coal powder briquetting machine

The coking coal briquetting machine, coke powder briquetting machine, and coke powder briquetting machine forming equipment produced by the industry, the forming size is determined according to your requirements, and we will give reasonable suggestions fo
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