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Block Making Machine

QT10-15 Brick Moulding Machine

Model: QT10-15

Molding cycle: 15-20S

Capacity: 1880Pcs/Hr

Power: 36.55kw

Qt10-15 Brick Moulding Machine Technical Features

1. It is suitable for large and medium-sized enterprises to invest in the establishment of semi-automatic or full-automatic high quality qt10-15 brick moulding machine to realize automatic production.

2. The production line of semi-automatic brick making machine is an automatic production line with shelf maintenance, which is simple in configuration and compact in operation, and can realize automatic continuous production of the whole process from feeding to block stacking.

3. The automatic brick-making machine production line is a block production line including the sub-bus and the neatly maintained kiln. With a high degree of automation, it can realize the automatic production of feeding materials, stirring forming, conveying, curing, stacking and packaging all processes.

cost of block making machine

Qt10-15 Brick Moulding Machine Related Facilities

Supporting production facilities mainly include water, electricity, road and factory buildings.

The production site of customized qt10-15 brick moulding machine can adopt steel frame structure, building grade ii, fire resistance grade ii, seismic intensity and dominant wind direction according to the user's country (region) related specifications and geological, hydrologic and meteorological conditions design, good lighting and ventilation conditions;

The building lightning protection grade two, the lightning protection device USES the lightning protection belt, the lead line and the grounding pole connection. Life, fire water from the tap water net, introducing into the main pipe diameter Ø above 63 mm, measured at the same time set the meter.

Production water from rivers or groundwater, production, domestic sewage centralized treatment, into the sewage network. Non-building plant site hardening treatment, concrete pouring 150~200mm.

The total power of the discount qt10-15 brick moulding machine is 80KW, and the transformer capacity is 300KVA. The power supply adopts ~380/220 three-phase four-wire system neutral point direct grounding power supply.

Brick Sample

qt10-15 brick sample

Above is brick sample of our brick machine, if you don't find your needs, contact us right now! we have customized brick block machine!

Waterproof Treatment Of Brick Moulding Machine

Low price qt10-15 brick moulding machine is carried on the production outside the factory building commonly, some qt10-15 brick moulding machine manufacturers also can build a few Suggestions factory building to reduce the wind and rain insolation to the corrosion of the equipment. Haomei reminds you that when the brick machine USES large electric quantity for production, important electricity usage standard measures must be implemented. For different regions to take different measures, for the major manufacturers, how to standardize the operation is crucial.

Before production, timely check the source line, junction box, to avoid rain, rust, do a good job of waterproof work, brick machine in rainy weather needs maintenance and maintenance, at ordinary times also want to maintain regularly, so as to avoid accidents, affect the production of hollow brick, to bring numerous inconvenience to users. Waterproof measures should be strengthened to avoid rain damage to the internal circuit of the equipment, more important is to protect the smooth operation of the electrical unit.

cost of block making machine in nigeria

Before starting low price qt10-15 brick moulding machine, check the clutch, brake, wire rope and other accessories of the equipment to ensure its good performance. Pay attention to these small details to make sure the brick machine works properly. Standard production is the belief of each customer, equipment operation process, to pay attention to the tool, hand into the drum, in order to avoid accidents. For hydraulic system, always keep oil pipeline and hydraulic station clean. Be careful that the oil temperature is not too high, so as not to affect the performance of the machine.

Adjust Conveyor Belt Of Brick Moulding Machine

Conveyor belt is one of the commonly used parts in brick machine, it connects the operation of each part, ensure the coordinated operation of discount qt10-15 brick moulding machine, is an indispensable part of brick machine. If in use, improper installation, may cause damage to the belt, affecting the service life of the brick conveyor belt. The correct way of inspection and correction is particularly important. Today to introduce the brick machine conveyor belt adjustment.

qt10-15 brick machine customer

Firstly, check whether the two ends of the conveyor belt of customized qt10-15 brick moulding machine are aligned in the horizontal direction, and check the alignment between the cross center line of idler wheel and the longitudinal center line of belt conveyor. If the deviation exceeds 3mm, both ends need to be adjusted. Check again for any deviation in the vertical direction, and check for deviations in the two planes of the head and tail frame mount housing. If the deviation value of the plane exceeds 1mm, it needs to be adjusted to the same plane again. Check the position of the material on the conveyor belt to ensure that the material is located in the middle of the conveyor belt. If the material is skewed to the left or to the right, the transmission efficiency of the material will be affected. It can be improved by adding baffles.

High quality qt10-15 brick moulding machine conveyor belt operation is not stable, mainly due to the installation of the alignment, whether it is left or up and down, should be aligned, the error is kept within the allowed range.

Technical Parameters Of Qt10-15 Brick Moulding Machine

Brick/Block Size

9" x 4" x3",10" x 5" x3",8" x 4" x4"

Brick Raw Material

Cement, Fly Ash, Sand, Stone Dust, Gysum, Lime Sludge,etc


For Making,Fly ash bricks,Concrete Blocks,Paver Blocks,Solid Blocks, Cement Blocks, Hollow Blocks

No. Of Bricks Per Stroke

4, 6, 8, 10,12, 14, 16 Pcs

Pallets Size

22" x 23" x 19mm (Thickness)

Automation Grade

Semi or Fully Automatic

Brick/Block Type

Solid, Interlock, Hollow, Paver


Hydraulic Pressure


PLC Controlled

Capacity(Blocks/Bricks )

1000-4000 pcs per hour

Capacity per 8 Hours

6000pcs to 40000 pcs


440 Volt

Space Required

30 ft ( L) x 25 ft (W) x 16 Ft (H)

Total Power Required

22 HP to 50 HP


Mild Steel


Main Press Machine with Vibrator System, Rollers Pan Mixture, Belt Conveyor, Bearing Conveyor, Electronic Control Panel, Hydraulic Power Pack, Material Trolley, Hydraulic Pallets trolley.

Treatment Time of Bricks/Blocks

Minimum of 7- 8 Days

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