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Block Making Machine

Brick Making Machine

Model: QT series

Molding cycle: 15-20S

Capacity: 720-2160Pcs/Hr

Power: 20-48kw

Brick Making Machine Performance

1. No burning machine super steel structure design, widely used imported components, make the body more stable and reliable.

2. Design of high efficiency and super strong vibration excitation system. Using the computer to control the flow pressure of the hydraulic system, realize the vertical synchronous vibration, frequency conversion, brake, and double end synthesis output, balanced and efficient vibration gantry force to each part of the mold box, improve the product density and the mold box service life.

3. Cement bricks machine with good price in bangalore adopts plc and man-machine interface control system to realize random signal analysis and fault diagnosis, which requires the setting of various parameters, so that the machine can achieve the best working effect.

4. No burning machine equipped with special hydraulic code plate machine, can easily achieve large output, automatic production, save a lot of manpower, maintenance yard and liquidity investment.

5. Semi-closed forced cloth system makes the cloth more uniform and fast.

Traditional Brick Making Machine And Fly Ash Brick Making Machine

The bricks produced by traditional hot sale brick making machine made in China are mainly made of clay. The production process is simple, but the damage to the cultivated land is serious. In recent years, the country has introduced policies to ban the production and use of clay bricks, but to promote the reuse of solid waste. In recent years, brick products with fly ash as the main raw material and gypsum and quicklime as the main cementing material gradually replace the traditional clay brick.

Production process of brick making machine:

The quicklime is broken with a jaw crusher -- ground in a pulverizer -- mixed evenly with other ingredients -- digested in a digestion bin -- ground in a wheel mill -- pressed into a hydraulic cement block making machine for sale -- pressed into a autoclave for autoclave curing -- dried for about ten days -- finished product.

block making machine for sale

How To Choose Brick Making Machine

Since all the time, hot sale brick making machine made in China is the object that our country supports vigorously, because it protected our country precious land resource, realized resource reuse, now the development of cement brick market has reached very big scale, the manufacturer that produces brick machine has a lot of, how can ability choose the brick machine with high quality and low price?

Here are 5 tips for picking a brick:

1. Buy automatic brick making machine with cheap price can not only see the price, quality and after-sales is the key.

2. See the strength of brick machine manufacturers, on the one hand refers to the manufacturer's production capacity and scale, on the other hand to see whether there is a large number of successful cases for reference.

3. See the quality of brick is feasible, see manufacturer brick function cannot produce brick, brick can reach national standard.

4. Many manufacturers are too much bragging about their skills, the said equipment, such as: Many manufacturers are now advocating, said his hollow brick equipment can through in mold to produce solid brick, in theory, but in fact hollow brick equipment by changing mould can produce different specifications of the hollow brick, brick, etc., on foot but cannot produce qualified solid brick, our automatic brick making machine with nice price is mainly by solid brick production development, change the mould can produce the quality of other type brick.

5. Must be on the spot to visit the supplier's factory, do not be deceived by some leather bag company.

With the above 5 requirements, we are good to choose equipment, the current three cylinder hydraulic has been known as one of the standards of the brick machine, if there is economic strength, strongly recommended to use.

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Tips For Installing Mold For Brick Making Machine

After many block making machin factory boss invested in automatic brick making machine, everything is so orderly, but sometimes also can appear a little problem, so just what is the boss, such as when installing a new mould will be the lower die is not according to the problems, it definitely can't production, even if the production is not qualified products, so how do we change the new brick mold? How to maintain and maintain free - burning brick machine mold? Is there a simple way to make the brick machine up and down mold care?

For the above problems, there must be a solution, in the installation of a trick, to ensure that you are in a better new mold is handy.

1. The original cement bricks machine with good price in bangalore mold removed.

2. Install the lower die of the new mold on the main machine and tighten the bolts.

3. Put the upper die into the lower die box.

4. Drop the upper hydraulic cylinder to the top of the mold.

5. Tighten the fixing bolt of the upper mold and then rise the hydraulic cylinder of the upper mold.

6. Adjust the height of the mold you installed cement block making machine for sale can be.

Believe you to see to know how to return a responsibility, such affirmation can make up and down mould take care of.

If you want a concrete block making machine price list, see the following data before deciding.

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