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Key Factors Affecting the Compactness of Autoclaved Lime-sand Brick Machine

Key Factors Affecting the Compactness of Autoclaved Lime-sand Brick Machine

    Autoclaved Lime Sand Brick MachineIn the construction process, besides the strength, the performance index concerned by the design and construction is the apparent density.Autoclaved Lime Sand Brick MachineIn addition to being related to the compactness of concrete, the apparent density has a great relationship with the hollow rate. All the main properties of the brick are related to the concrete compactness of the brick, and its influence on the strength is also obvious.

  Experiments show that when the concrete density is increased by 1%, the compressive strength of the block can be increased by about 4%. The measures to improve the compactness of concrete in the production of blocks mainly include a distribution vibration, that is, the concrete mixture is distributed to fill the mold box at one time, and the amount of material is sufficient to ensureAutoclaved Lime Sand Brick MachineBlock embryo density. The table vibrating machine uses secondary molding vibration, that is, the pressure vibration of the die head is applied to fully vibrate the mixture in the mold box. During molding, in order to accelerate the sinking of the mixture in the mold box when pressurizing, shorten the vibration time. Increase concrete compactness. If the pressure value is too small, the density of the top surface of the embryo body will be poor, and if the pressure value is too large, the vibration will be suppressed, and the vibration effect will be bad.

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Key Factors Affecting the Compactness of Autoclaved Lime-sand Brick Machine

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