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Autoclaved Technology of Fly Ash Brick Production Line

Autoclaved process of fly ash brick production line:

The adobes made by the brick press machine are placed on the steam-cured trolley, and enter the group to rest for 1.5-2 hours. Vacuumize for 0.5 hours, start the pressure for 1.5 hours, keep the pressure and steam for 4 hours, and release the pressure for 2 hours. Note: If the vacuum configuration in the kettle is not used, the pressure start speed must be slow to avoid the green body from bursting when it is subjected to high temperature in the kettle.

Annual outputThere are 30 million bricks, 40 million bricks, 60 million bricks, 100 million bricks, and 120 million bricks. The production line can be configured according to your needs. Welcome to call for quotation 13503823685

The forming principle of fly ash brick:

Steam-cured bricks mainly rely on the effective CaO in quicklime and SiO2 in fly ash to initiate a thermal synthesis reaction under the condition of saturated steam (above 174.5°C) with a pressure above 0.8Mpa. Various types of silicate gelling substances are produced, most of which are calcium silicate hydrate and a small amount of magnesium silicate, etc., which are firmly cemented with aggregate fly ash to form a certain structural strength. Its reaction process:

CaO+H2O—Ca(OH)2+15.5 kcal (mixed with body expansion)

Ca(OH) 2+ SiO2+(n-1)H2O Saturated steam at 174.5°C CaO*SiO2*nH2O (calcium silicate)

Autoclaved Technology of Fly Ash Brick Production Line

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