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Metal chip briquetting machine

  Product Introduction    

Our company has many years of experience in the production of metal chip briquetting machines, technical support, and thoughtful service, and provides customers with different types of equipment. We have 200-1200 tons of equipment, users have a wide choice. The metal shavings briquetting machine not only has a large size, density, and weight of formed cakes, but also has a relatively fast speed. It can only be produced on the basis of guaranteed technology, and not every manufacturer can do it. It has been widely used due to its high pressure, fast speed and low failure rate.

Metal chip briquetting machine

      working principle    

  Metal shavings briquetting machine consists of three parts: host machine, hydraulic pump and electrical console.

The metal chip briquetting machine uses the working principle of hydraulic cylinder expansion and contraction to achieve pressing. When the equipment is working, the rotation of the motor drives the hydraulic pump to work, and the hydraulic oil in the oil tank is delivered to the hydraulic cylinder through the oil pipe. The hydraulic valve can control the hydraulic oil. The powder is transported to different cavities of the oil cylinder, and the movement of the piston rod of the oil cylinder makes the powder compacted in the mold.

     Applicable materials      

Metal chip briquetting machine

        Finished product display       

Metal chip briquetting machine

        Technical Parameters       


pie rulerInch

Cake density

block weight

shift production



The above is the detailed technical parameter table of the metal chip briquetting machine. The forming size is determined according to your requirements. We will give reasonable suggestions for which one to choose; if you want to press blocks of other shapes and sizes, we can also provide them. The equipment is customized, and the specific data is subject to the actual situation.

        Application field       

The metal shavings briquetting machine is mainly used in large steel casting plants, metal smelting, steel plants, mechanical processing plants, and waste recycling stations.

        user site       

Metal chip briquetting machine

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